Thursday, December 07, 2006

Liqvid eLearning is an acclaimed leader

Leadership cannot be propagated through tall claims, it has to show up in action. So truly proved by Liqvid eLearning. With a stupendous growth of 450% Liqvid e-learning has been ranked 8th amongst the among the 50 fastest growing companies in India at the ‘Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2006’ award. At the same time, LIQVID has also been selected in the `Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific program'. The ranking is an international recognition for a true leader that has so far silently carved a niche for itself in the e-learning industry -- setting new quality benchmarks for others to follow.

Just about a month back I predicted that Liqvid is an e-learning leader in the making, even while indutry honchos laughed away my claim saying that it was too naive and immatured. Quite upto my expectations of their understanding of e-learning, they suggested that I could have made a better journalist if I would have said so about NIIT or their ilk. They talked of financials and several such sundry nuances. I remained unaffected by their affectations.

I always beleived that the best way to gauge leadership is not to look at financials but more at the base-level resources, at the actual resources that does the work. To me Liqvid offered a more vibrant work culture and matured professionalism -- bereft of willy-nilly mindless politics. The micro-level planning at work was meticulous, a quality that I fely was inherent only in leaders.

Today Liqvid's achievement is a personal gain for me, largely because it has enabled me to sustain my argument that leadership in the knowledge economy era is not the realm of the ones who hijack public opinion through glossy ads and publicity -- real leadership can be witnessed in unconventional places amongst unconventional professionals. I only hope that the so-called claimants to leadership in e-learning in India will revisit their system and learn to set their basics correctly. Its time e-learning professionals refute the arguments of the so-called stalwarts in the industry whose credentials, I feel, are as doubtful as their opinions.


Anonymous said...

The Indian EL industry is an industry of wimps and unemployed housewives claiming to understand education. Most are a bunch of third grade animators with no imagination making most elearning coming out of India trash. It's plain hype, it's bogus, it's crashing, and I am writing this anonymously because I know you. :)

RK said...

Hey I cannot help but agree with you. Any wonder we are heading towards a recession in the e-learning industry. How can you ever hope of developing cutting-edge e-learning courses with the help of these stupid professionals who do not have an iota of competence.

I am great said...


I think Liqvid will not have silly women on its rolls and that's the reason it is progressing.

The modern mantra is that success and women are completely apposites in e-learning.

Osc said...

The secret of Liqvid's success is that they outsource a whole lot of the work they get. While they earn huge margins they squeeze their vendors.

The e-learning coming out of liqvid is also crap because the entire focus is on getting the profits in.

Anonymous said...

do you work with LIQVID or have worked with them in the past?

Anonymous said...

Reply to first comment
why people are so negative and seems this guy hasn't met any good animator or Intructional designer..
best of luck for attitude towards life.

Anonymous said...

Asim works with Liqvid as freelancer charging 3000 INR per hour doing nothing...just playing guitar all night. He is enjoying this libery here...which he cannot at any other place.

Anonymous said...

Any organization is as good as the team it has. I believe there are ups and downs with each company and those who are not mature enough to understand this, write this kind of messages on the blogs and if given an option,those who are talking crap here will again join back the same organization.

Do understand that each one of has to play our part, if we are not performing we cannot be blamining the organization for our incompetencies. Vice-versa, if the organization is not performing/recognizing your work, you are free and willing to leave the organization.... why talk all this crap over here.

Next time before writing things like this, try to think what if someone writes the same about you in a public place.....