Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Online University: Another revolution round the corner!!

Having given a run for their money to dubious content sellers Wikipedia is readying to launch another power-laced product -- a Free Online University. True to its democratic nature Wikipedia University will enable anyone and everyone to host e-learning courses or collaboratively develop learning materials. Currently the University is seeking assistance from netizens for a host of areas and its worth being a part of this great initiative.

Though the reaction to this initiative from the global e-learning industry is not apparently noticeable, its definately sending jitters down the spine of most e-learning companies in India -- ones that are surviving on the edge. While its obviously a thing to rejoice for the global community as education sheds its boundaries and reaches out to the underpriviledged, its definately a death kneel for the e-learning service industry.


Anonymous said...

hmm. There is very little press given to this endeavour, and yet, this is a defining moment in the history of the net.
In recent times, we have noticed two broad trends: the rising costs of formal education and the widespread availability of knowledge for free.
As any casual observer can see, these two events have to clash at some point in time. The Universities are adding more storeys to their ivory towers in response to theses developments and justifying the additional expenses by harping on specialized knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Wikiversity is all set to succeed. E-learning firms have to move up the value chain and deliver new products in new relams or else get the boot.

PK said...

hey mind your language.

Prakash, Patna said...

Gee...online university cannot tackle everything. Someone who thinks it can is a fool of the highest order.