Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its a Time to Change

Dear Friends,

Its been a momentous journey with all of you. Its been about 5 years that I started blogging on issues related to e-learning. And all these years e-learning has also evolved, aquiring new forms and new avatars, each better than before. The issues that plagiarized the e-learning world have lessened, if not eliminated, to a considerable degree. The blog too had to evolve and shed its narrow focus on e-learning and embrace a much broader field of discussion. Henceforth, I will blog on broader issues that relate to the EDUCATION (e-learning/training) and MANAGEMENT (leadership/strategy/Human Resource).

Expanding the nature of this blog was essential because of the interconnectedness of these various forms. I have also replaced the now obsolete title band of this blog which is given below:

Historically this blog began as fun and then slowly acquired a serious tone. And it has also set a few benchmarks in the Indian blogosphere. No wonder the discourses in this blog has been dissected and deliberated by a whole generation of bloggers in India and abroad. The blog's critical writeups have also rattled a few quarters, annoyed countless and jerked up an equal number from their slumber. I can promise that I will continue to lay before you a platter of dishes that are not served in the industry. I shall continue to serve as the alternate voice. Hope you will enjoy the journey further.



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