Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Making of E-learning Leaders

Leadership knows no shortcuts. It comes through factors such as persistence, maturity, a global outlook and a smart workforce. Liqvid eLearning Services proves just that...

Occasionally I confront queries from laymen and laywomen asking me to identify India's upcoming leaders in e-learning. I maintain that the answer to the question is difficult yet agree that the best e-learning companies in India are to be found outside the North Indian belt, in Maharasthtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, amongst others. However, exceptions remain.

Personally, one of my favourite e-learning companies in North India is
Liqvid E-learning, a Noida based organization that appears to have redefined the way e-learning is created and delivered. My choice for Liqvid comes after closely observing several e-learning companies in the NCR region spanning several years. And these are the key takes for my choice:

Bright minds: The company has some of the brightest e-learning talent in the industry. They know their job well.

An informal atmosphere: Unlike other e-learning companies in the region who remain transfixed in the quagmire of hierarchy and senior-junior tangle, Liqvid professionals do not find themselves alienated in either the PM group, the ID group or the graphics group. The vile trappings of power, position, and hierarchy give way to freedom and free-flowing communication between professionals.

Nonintrusive management: The management is comparitively non-intrusive and the senior management people do not sit "on top of the heads" of its workforce.

Non-politicized: There is no evidence of politics being a key take between the members of the workforce, unlike most e-learning companies in the region.

Note: Personally I have some great friends in Liqvid. And to cut a long story short these guys are equally adept at e-learning as they are in other creative pursuits like composing music, jokes and enabling the development of a ambience that is less prudish and more humane. They have helped me realize that life holds more in its bouquet -- finer sense and sensibility.


Sam Joseph said...

good....I agree with you.


Rachna said...


Thanks for enlightening us with your feeds in the area of e-learning.


Sabeena said...

Well I did not know that Liqvid was such a competent organization. Anyway with such high standards it might replace NIIT in the coming days. Great job!!! and thanks for all that info.


Sheena said...

Thanks for the update...looking forward to regular updates here..!!

Rex Grass said...

Kool...maybe I can outsource our work to such credible players.

By the way can you provide me with a ranking of all e-learning companies in India. The situation is pretty confusing now.

RS said...

Hi, It does seem as if you are either a part of Liqvid, or have been asked to write this on behalf of Liqvid. As a fellow blogger, i guess i will give you the benifit of the doubt that the latter is not the case. But, i'd like to give you firsthand experience as someone who has worked with Liqvid for over nearly a year.

I disagree on all counts with everything you have said about Liqvid. They not only lack the creative element, they have zero processes and even lower integrity levels. More so the case with Liqvid's senior management. And Quality at liqvid is defined as a process of tossing a coin to see if something is right or wrong. Even with the most detailed of hand holding they were unable to deliver anything of remotely decent quality for the costs that we paid.

i have enough facts to substantiate this, but unfortunately i am bound by ethics based on which i cannot of course provide evidence.

As some one in the ID world for close to 8 yrs and who has seen and worked with a lot of the leading e-learning orgs. all i have to say is - Liqvid is living in a dreamworld. if they want to come anywhere close to being considered a player in the e-learning field, they need a Soul Change.

I'm sure the words Controllership e-learning will bring an inner feeling of shame and dread in everyone at Liqvid.